Keynote Speakers

Dan Saks

Dan Saks is the president of Saks & Associates, which offers training and consulting in C and C++ and their use in developing embedded systems. He has been a columnist for online as well as numerous print publications such as The C/C++ Users Journal and Embedded Systems Design. Dan served as secretary of the C++ Standards Committee in its early years. He also contributed to the CERT Secure Coding Standards for C and C++.

Rebecca Fiebrink

Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink is a Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research focuses on designing new ways for humans to interact with computers in live music performance and other creative practice. She is the developer of the Wekinator software for interactive machine learning, and she recently taught the world’s first MOOC (“Massively open online course”) about machine learning for artists and musicians. She has worked with companies including Microsoft Research, Sun Microsystems Research Labs, Imagine Research, and Smule, where she helped to build the #1 iTunes app “I am T-Pain.” She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University in 2011. Prior to moving to Goldsmiths, she was an Assistant Professor at Princeton University, where she co-directed the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.

Julian Storer

Julian Storer is the Head of Software Architecture at ROLI. An experienced C++ developer and consultant, Jules is the author of the JUCE framework, which powers the apps and plugins made by hundreds of audio tech companies. He also created the Tracktion DAW, used by thousands of musicians for over a decade.

Roger Linn

Roger Linn is a creator of electronic music products, starting with the 1979 LM-1 Drum Computer, the first sample-based drum machine. Other notable instruments include the LinnDrum drum machine, the Akai MPC series of drum machines, the AdrenaLinn synchronous filter processor for guitar, and now the LinnStrument expressive MIDI controller. He is also the recipient of the 2011 Technical Grammy award.

Other Speakers

Aaron Leese

Aaron Leese is a software developer with his own small plugin/synth company (Stagecraft Software) as well as a long list of clients in the music space (currently with OpenLabs and also Beatskillz). Previous clients also include Apple, Google, Beezwax, Mixman, and Roger Linn.Aaron's projects have included Plugins effects and synths, DAWs, digital vinyl (turntable emulation) systems, iOS apps, and android apps.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is an experienced software developer and musician who has spent the last 3 years working with JUCE, mainly focused on developing a cross-platform mobile application (release date TBA). Adam has over 15 years experience in server-side web development, and more recently freelancing on JUCE-based mobile development projects. He also produces electronic music under the name Elemental.

Amir Arama

Amir Arama leads Waves Audio's MultiRack and WPAPI teams in Israel and India, managing the design and development of Waves’ main applications. He interacts with leading audio mixer manufacturers that support MultiRack, and with developers of third-party plugins supported by Waves applications. Amir has extensive experience in video and audio development and is an avid musician. He holds an M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

André Bergner

André Bergner is a software development team leader at Native Instruments where he is focusing on C++ software design in the audio industry.André is one of the organisers of the Berlin C++ meetups. He graduated from the University of Potsdam in physics with a PhD in complex system theory.Throughout his studies, hobbies and at my current employment C++ is and was an integral part of André's work. He toys around with new techniques and concepts and tries to push the borders of the language. And he doesn't like inheritance :P

Andrew McPherson

Andrew McPherson is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. A composer and electrical engineer by training, he studied at MIT (M.Eng. 2005) and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. 2009) and spent a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Drexel University. His research focuses on augmented instruments, embedded hardware systems and the study of performer-instrument interaction. He is the creator of the magnetic resonator piano, an augmented acoustic piano which has used by more than 20 composers worldwide, and the TouchKeys multi-touch keyboard which has shipped to musicians worldwide through a 2013 Kickstarter campaign and 2015 production run. In 2016, his lab launched Bela, an ultra-low-latency embedded platform for creating musical instruments and interactive audio systems, raising over ten times its goal on Kickstarter.

Ben Supper

Ben Supper has experimented with a number of careers in hardware and software development, systems engineering, DSP, and team leadership. He has spent eighteen years designing and building broadcast automation systems, live sound mixing consoles, audio interfaces, studio effects processors, and MIDI controllers.As well as editing the MPE spec for the Working Group, Ben holds a PhD in spatial psychoacoustics, his name is on various acoustical patents, and he’s chaired the UK Section of the Audio Engineering Society. Mostly, though, he’s ROLI’s engineer of last resort.Ben is on a lifelong quest to formulate the working principles that approximate the complex behaviour of human beings.

Christian Luther

Christian Luther is a DSP Software Engineer with a lifelong passion for audio technology. After studying Electrical Engineering at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, he joined Kemper, makers of the Kemper Profiler and the Access Virus. There he's leading the Audio DSP R&D team that focuses on high-performance realtime DSP with portable modern C++.In early 2016, Christian started his blog - The Science of Sound ( - where he unveils the secrets of audio technology in an intuitive and approachable manner.

Christoph Hart

Christoph Hart is a composer and software developer. When he was five years old, he wrote a game in QBasic where an up-arrow walks from left to write and falls into a hole if you don't press the space key at the right time.A quarter century later, Christoph is making his living by composing the music for theatre productions in Germany. In his spare time he is developing audio software using JUCE.

Chris Pike

Chris Pike is a Senior Scientist in the audio research team at BBC R&D. He leads the BBC’s work on immersive audio for broadcasting and virtual reality, including fundamental research with academic partners, work in standardisation bodies, and collaborating on innovative content production with creative partners in the BBC. He is also a PhD candidate in the Audio Lab at the University of York.

Chris Travis

Chris Travis is a technology developer, innovator, and serial CTO. His experience spans broadcast engineering, music production, mobile-phone audio, consumer electronics, touch user-interfaces, and semiconductor start-ups. He enjoys building and leading multi-disciplinary product-development teams. Chris has a longstanding involvement in the capture and delivery of multichannel audio, and is currently working on a compact microphone array that should come to market in 2017.

Costas Calamvokis

Costas Calamvokis lives in Bath, UK and works remotely for a startup in Silicon Valley mostly writing C++. Before that he worked on Fishman's Tripleplay Guitar to MIDI system using JUCE. He has also developed some software for MIDI guitarists and currently is working on hardware for connecting MIDI guitar to analog synths. Going back further, he worked as a researcher at Hewlett Packard Labs and an ASIC designer in the UK and in California. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College. He hopes to one day get back to the Audio world full time.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is interested in how sound and technology can transform our relationship with the world, creating systems that translate patterns and processes into audible forms.As Chief Science Officer at Chirp, this involves R&D in audio-mediated data transmission, which allows all manner of devices — from mobiles and laptops to toys and greetings cards — to speak to each other via sound.As one-half of Jones/Bulley, Daniel develops sculptural sound installations that generate music from real-time processes, ranging from forest ecosystems (Living Symphonies, 2014-) to FM radio broadcasts (Radio Reconstructions, 2012-).He also develops a great deal of open-source sound software. Most recently, Daniel has been building Signal (, a cross-platform framework for audio synthesis.

Dan Klingler

Dan Klingler is a software engineer at Apple. After finishing his MS in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, he moved to sunny California, where he works on signal processing, audio drivers, and system frameworks on the CoreAudio team. In his free time, Dan enjoys making music and playing sports.

David Rowland

David Rowland is the lead software developer at Tracktion Corporation, working primarily on the digital audio workstation, Tracktion. Other projects over the years have included audio plugins and iOS audio applications utilising JUCE. David has been an avid JUCE user since being introduced to it in 2008 whilst studying for his Masters in Music Technology.

David Zicarelli

David Zicarelli is the CEO of Cycling'74, makers of MaxMSP Jitter, a visual programming language for audio and visual applications. David is an expert in complex, real-time audio development in C++. Cycling'74 has been using JUCE since 2005.

Don Turner

Don Turner helps developers to achieve the best possible audio experiences on Android. He spends a lot of time tinkering with synths, MIDI controllers and audio workstations on mobile. He also has an unwavering love for Drum and Bass music and used to DJ in some of the worst clubs in Nottingham, UK.

Eike Verdenhalven

Eike Verdenhalven as a C++ developer and NKS technology evangelist for Native Instruments. Though he is a physicist by training he also have a passion for music and enjoys playing piano and keyboards.

Fabian Renn-Giles

Fabian Renn-Giles is a senior software engineer working for the JUCE C++ audio software framework. He focuses on the development of the plug-in hosting and client code. He is also the co-founder and lead software developer at the audio plug-in start-up Fielding DSP and has a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. Fabian has over 10 years of professional software development experience in academia and the audio industry with Creamware GmbH and Behringer International.

Felipe Tonello

Felipe Tonello is a software engineer at ROLI. He has been working with Linux and Embedded devices for the past 5 years and contributing to the community for a few more. Today Felipe mainly works on improving the audio stack (from kernel to application) in Linux.

Gebre Waddell

Gebre Waddell is a mastering engineer, author of “Complete Audio Mastering: Practical Techniques”, published by McGraw-Hill, and designer of the bx_Refinement plugin licensed to Brainworx/Universal Audio. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and skiing.

Giulio Moro

Giulio Moro is a PhD student at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London.Sound engineer by training, he is now researching in the field of performer-instrument interaction and semantic audio. He is one of the inventors of Bela, an embedded platform for audio and sensor processing.

Glenn Kasten

Glenn Kasten is a software engineer in the Android media team, with a focus on low-­level audio and performance. His background includes real­time operating systems and embedded applications, and he enjoys playing piano.

Hans Fugal

Hans Fugal is a software engineer at Facebook, working in the Oculus Rift team on audio for VR. Hans gained a PhD in 2010 in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico, with an emphasis on Computer Music.

Ian Hobson

Ian Hobson is a Lead Developer in the Sound team at Ableton, where he work on the effects and instruments included with Live.

Ivan Cohen

Ivan Cohen is a freelance software developer from France, with an extensive experience in the audio software industry. He did a PhD thesis with the IRCAM and the company Two Notes about guitar amplifiers simulation from 2009 to 2012, and he has developed audio effects for a few companies such as Sonic Academy, Audible Genius, Audionamix, Filmstro, TSE or Two Notes, mainly with the VST SDK and the JUCE framework. Today, he is looking for opportunities to work with other companies on audio effects technologies, and he is going to release his own products, under the brand name Musical Entropy.

Jay Coggin

Jay Coggin is an audio software engineer at Apple where he works on system-level audio software for new products, internal Audio Units, and DSP tuning tools. He received his masters degree in Music Engineering from the University of Miami where he focused on audio effect development and automatic design of perceptual reverberators using machine learning. Outside of work, he enjoys making music with friends and embedded electronics projects.

Lucas Mengual

Lucas Mengual was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 9 of 1992. He was awarded an Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE Institute Madrid, Audio for Games course achieved at SAE Institute Rotterdam, awarded B.A. (Hons) in Audio Production at SAE Institute Rotterdam (by Middlesex University), and graduated from MSc in Sound and Music Computing at Queen Mary London University.Now he is working on his own samplepack company (making plug-ins in the future), and doing real-time audio research.

Martin Percossi

Martin Percossi has been making music and playing in bands since the age of 12. He lives in Berlin and loves playing the xylophone with his daughter. Before founding, Martin obtained a Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from Imperial College, London, and worked as a quantitive analyst in the financial industry. He speaks four languages fluently.

Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson is the author of many of the tutorials (and the 2013 book 'Getting Starting with JUCE’). Until recently Martin was lecturer at University of the West of England, Bristol where he lead the Audio and Music Technology degree. Having spent 18 years teaching in the UK higher education sector, he now works in the audio industry.Martin trained in music composition and electronic music before becoming increasingly interested in developing custom audio and music systems. Martin developed the UGen++ C++ library for developing audio applications that was based on the look-and-feel of the SuperCollider audio programming language. More recently he developed the Plink|Plonk|Plank C/C++ libraries, also for audio application development.

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is Senior Director, Research and Development at DTS. He is based in London, UK and leads a team of developers who develop and optimise next-generation spatial audio algorithms for games, VR, music and film. Michael and the team work in C and C++ for multiple platforms, working with tools such as Matlab, Unity, Unreal Engine and common game-audio middleware. Michael has a PhD from the University of York in spatial audio coding He started his games career as a sound designer and later moved into programming roles at Creative Labs, then Sony Interactive Entertainment working on the PS3 and Vita platforms.

Michael Zbyszyński

Michael Zbyszyński is a Research Associate in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths University of London. He has been a software developer at Avid, SoundHound, Cycling ’74, and Keith McMillen Instruments, and was Assistant Director of Pedagogy at UC Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT). As a musician, his work spans from brass bands to symphony orchestras, including composition and improvisation with woodwinds and electronics. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley and studied at the Academy of Music in Kraków on a Fulbright Grant. His work has been included in Make Magazine, the Rhizome Artbase, and on the ARTSHIP recording label.

Oron Cherry

Oron Cherry leads the teams responsible for developing applications and infrastructures for Waves products. He has spent over half of his 16 years at Waves Audio managing the Waves plugin teams. Oron is an active musician and a studio owner, with a passion for creating music using vintage gear together with the latest audio technologies.

Paul-Arthur Sauvageot

Paul-Arthur Sauvageot is a research engineer at AudioGaming. After a technical degree in computer science at IUT Blagnac, Paul-Arthur joined Epitech to pursue his studies of programming and obtained a Master in software engineering. The same year he also won the EIP (Epitech Innovative Project) of the year award with the project Animate, an AI engine for creating realistic and evolutive behaviours for creatures and characters in video games. Paul-Arthur joined AudioGaming where he works on the development of PluginGenerator, a technology that allows to transform pure-data patches into audio plugins. He is also involved in AudioGaming's interactive software development and participate to the global architecture definition for future products. As a studying musician, he is also interested in music creation processes, especially from an interactive point of view.

Phil Burk

Phil Burk is a member of the Android Audio team at Google. Phil is also the author of JSyn, the WebDrum, HMSL and other experimental music systems. He co-founded the PortAudio project and also developed game audio systems for 3DO and PS3. Phil has contributed to the new BLE-MIDI, MPE and HD standards for MIDI.

Pete Goodliffe

Pete Goodliffe is a programmer, a software development columnist, a musician, and author. He heads up software for inMusic Brands, and is author of the books “Becoming a Better Programmer” and “Code Craft”.

Ray Chemo

Ray Chemo is the Product Owner at Native Instruments. Responsible for NKS and Kontakt Player, his primary mandate is to grow the platforms in partnership with third-party instrument developers. Starting out his career at Leeds College of Music and having previously worked at Ableton, he’s developed a diverse toolbox through a range of roles covering everything from sound design, customer support, software development and product management. Now and again, he still finds the time to make some music too.

R. Kevin Nelson

R. Kevin Nelson is a musician and music software developer based in Berlin. He has worked on almost every level of the technology stack for companies like Loudr, Rdio, and Zya, and has played guitar in two bands that no one has ever heard of. He's currently developing iOS instruments and music hardware, and making noisy ambient drone music as Auxels.

Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer is a senior software developer at ROLI and has helped develop our desktop, embedded & iOS synth applications using JUCE.

Sean Soraghan

Sean Soraghan is an R&D software engineer with ROLI. He just finished a 4 year EngD research project which has focused on audio analysis and visualisation. Sean's research interests include timbre analysis and representation, real time audio analysis, generative audio visuals, and interface design.

SKoT McDonald

SKoT McDonald - CTO of FXpansion, lead developer of BFD drum plugin since 2003. Researched artificial transcription of drums from mixed audio as postgrad student at UWA in late 1990s, studied computer science as undergrad, started programming music apps on an Amiga at high school. Founding member of the Perth Artifactory, a Makerspace. Occasional steampunk forays riding about the Outback in a Steam Ostrich as misadventurer, "Dr Vellocet".

Stefan Gränitz

Stefan Gränitz is a freelance compiler developer and co-organiser of the LLVM Social Berlin. After working on Reaktor at Native Instruments he recently joined Roli as a contractor to improve the Projucer's C++ live-build engine and port it to Windows. Apart from translating code back and forth, he is an electronic music enthusiast and teaches programming as a volunteer at Refugees School of Digital Integration in Berlin.

Stephane Letz

Stephane Letz is a researcher/developer working on the Faust project at GRAME National Center for Musical Creation in Lyon, France.

Thibaut Carpentier

Thibaut Carpentier is an R&D engineer at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Paris. After studying acoustics at the Ecole Centrale and signal processing at the ENST Telecom Paris, he joined CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the Acoustics & Cognition Research Group in 2008. His research is focused on spatial audio, room acoustics, artificial reverberation, analysis/synthesis of sound fields and compositional tools for spatial sound.In recent years, he has been responsible for the development of Ircam Spat and he contributed to the conception and implementation of a 350-loudspeaker array for holophonic sound reproduction in Ircam's concert hall.

Tim Adnitt

Tim Adnitt is the Product Owner for Komplete Kontrol SW / Producer Browser & NKS SDK at Native Instruments. He holds an MA in Composition and has over sixteen years of experience in the Music Technology industry. Tim is also active as a Composer / Sound Designer and Audio Engineer.

Tim Blechmann

Tim Blechmann is a freelance software architect and electro-acoustic composer. He studied 'music informatics' as individual university program in Vienna, Austria. For several years he was maintainer of SuperCollider, writing its multiprocessor aware synthesis server supernova and its Qt-based IDE. Supernova's lockfree data structures were added to Boost as boost.lockfree. He also contributed to other open source projects like Boost (atomic, heap, sync), Pure Data, Faust or the Linux kernel. After freelancing for ImmSound until their acquisition by Dolby, he is currently freelancing for Native Instruments.Apart from writing audio software he is composing massive-multichannel music and collaborates with like-minded musicians, visual artists and dancers.

Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler is currently working on ROLI's audio applications and on JUCE, the leading cross-platform framework for creating audio applications used by hundreds of companies in the audio industry. After five years of writing high-performance code in Fortran, C, and C++ for numerical simulations of the cosmic structure formation, Timur became committed to audio and music production software. Before joining ROLI, he was with Native Instruments in Berlin, where he worked on KONTAKT. Timur holds a PhD in astrophysics and is passionate about well-written code, modern C++ techniques, science-fiction, learning languages, and progressive rock music. He has previously given talks at CppCon, C++Now, and the JUCE Summit.

Vlad Voina

Vlad Voina is a Software Developer at ROLI. His passion for house music led him to get involved into all aspects of the music industry, from producing, DJing, stage lighting design and VJing, but also planning and promoting parties.It was music that also guided him towards his programming career and and soon after graduating from University of Goldsmiths' Creative Computing, he became passionate about software architecture and modern GUI frameworks.