Keynote Speakers

Julian Storer

Julian Storer is the Head of Software Architecture at ROLI. An experienced C++ developer and consultant, Jules is the author of the JUCE framework, which powers the apps and plugins made by hundreds of audio tech companies. He also created the Tracktion DAW, used by thousands of musicians for over a decade.

Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is Professor of Digital Media at Queen Mary University of London, where she is affiliated with the Centre for Digital Music and co-Leads its Cognition, Creativity & Expression research theme. An operations researcher and classically trained pianist, she uses mathematical and computational models and scientific visualisation to represent, analyse, and explain aspects of musicianship, including musical prosody and structure, cognition, and interaction. She also works with composers to create and premiere new compositions, and designs and performs in concert-conversations that probe the nature of music making and listening.

Phoenix Perry

Phoenix Perry creates physical games and user experiences. As an advocate for women in game development, she founded Code Liberation Foundation. In her role at Goldsmiths, University of London, she lectures on Physical Computing and games and is starting a new MA in Independent Games and Experience Design.

Jeannie Yang

Jeannie Yang led product strategy at Smule, where she scaled the platform from 50K users to a community of 50M people who play and sing 20 million songs a day, bringing art and music to the lives of millions of people across the globe. She has been creating successful products at the forefront of social, mobile and media for the last 20 years, from interactive television to social networking to music. Jeannie holds a M.S. in Information Management and Science from University of California, Berkeley

Other Speakers

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson, Founder, Node Audio

Adam Wilson is a freelance software developer and musician. He uses JUCE and React Native to build audio and music applications. His programming background is in web development. He has been writing software using JUCE and C++ for 3 years, although he started writing C programs as a youngster in the days of floppy disks and MS-DOS. He produces electronic music under the name Elemental, and enjoys playing and recording unusual instruments.

Alain Martin

Alain Martin, Software Engineer, Ableton

Alain Martin is a software engineer at Ableton. He joined Ableton in 2014 to work on Live, but quickly got interested and involved in lower level aspects of software development, such as the developer workflows and tools. He is now the lead engineer of the DevTools team, where he works mostly on the build system and the CI infrastructure. In his spare time, he plays music on a DELL computer keyboard using KeytroL, a desktop application that he wrote at university, which converts key presses into MIDI events. He wants to rewrite KeytroL using JUCE, but he also wants to use CMake, so he is developing FRUT, a collection of tools dedicated to building JUCE projects using CMake.

Amos Gaynes

Amos Gaynes, Product Development Specialist, Moog Music

Amos Gaynes is a product design engineer at Moog Music, where he has contributed to the development of multiple award-winning synthesizers, analog effects, and apps. After an inspiring meeting with Bob Moog during his youth in Asheville, NC, Amos's life has been shaped by an enduring fascination with electronic sound and technology. Amos’s design philosophy is informed by 20 years of experience composing and producing electronic music as well as a decade of interaction with Moog users. He believes in designing tools that help artists connect to their inspiration and explore the outer reaches of sonic expression.

Anastasia Kazakova

Anastasia Kazakova, Product Marketing Manager CLion, JetBrains

As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time *nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She has a passion for networking algorithms and embedded programming and believes in good tooling. With all her love for C++, she is now the Product Marketing Manager on the JetBrains CLion team. Anastasia also runs a C++ user group in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (

André Bergner

André Bergner, Development Team Leader, Native Instruments

André is the team leader for the audio developer group at Native Instruments. He is mainly involved in advanced C++ topics, software architecture and library design. He graduated from the University of Potsdam in physics with a PhD in complex system theory.

Andreas Gustafsson

Andreas Gustafsson, Lead Developer, Waxing Wave

Andreas Gustafsson built his first audio oscillators and digital logic circuits while still in elementary school. He holds an M.Sc.(Eng) from Helsinki University of Technology, where his areas of study included software engineering, digital signal processing, and acoustics. Andreas has worked as a C++ instructor, Domain Name System server developer, and consultant. He designed the Alea series of hardware random number generators sold by his company Araneus Information Systems Oy, and is the author of two iOS music apps, the instrument tuner Retro Tuner and the guitar chord finder Chordopia, sold under the brand Waxing Wave. He owns a tattered Wurlitzer player piano from the 1920s and too many guitars, and lives in Turku, Finland.

Angus Hewlett

Angus Hewlett, VP Engineering, Research & Design, ROLI

Angus is VP Engineering, Research & Design at ROLI, leading a world-class multi-disciplinary team developing integrated hardware/software music-making solutions on desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. Prior to this he was founder & CEO of virtual instrument pioneers FXpansion, from its inception in 1999 until its acquisition by ROLI in 2016. He contributed code and engineering know-how to each of FXpansion's many ground-breaking and award winning products over the years. His favourite C++ feature is its ability to work simultaneously at high levels of abstraction (metaprogramming) and close to the metal (CPU intrinsics and raw memory access).

Ashley Elsdon

Ashley Elsdon, Founder, Palmsounds & Journalist, Create Digital Media

Ashley Elsdon is a writer, marketer, analyst, and mobile musician. He writes about mobile music technology at Create Digital Music, a leading online publication covering new and emerging technology. Ashley started writing about mobile music at PalmSounds, which he founded in 2006. Since the founding Palm Sounds, Ashley has covered a huge shift in mobile music from almost complete obscurity to its current state of being more or less mainstream. However, it's still a very young market, constantly changing and evolving. In addition to covering the latest in music technology, Ashley works with charities like Heart n Soul and Drake Music to make music technology available to a wider audience and more accessible to all. He also works with and advises a number of start ups, developers and hardware manufacturers to bring new apps and products to the market.

Balandino Di Donato

Balandino Di Donato, PhD Student, Integra Lab, Birmingham Conservatoire

Balandino Di Donato is a PhD student at Integra Lab, Birmingham Conservatoire. His research work focuses on the development of interactive systems for the control and transformation of auditory and visual feedback during musical and dance performance. His primary research interests are Music and Sonic Interaction Design (MiXD, SiXD). He has previously worked as a sound engineer and audiovisual technician for national and international productions and as developer and debugger on Integra Live, a modular environment for interactive sound transformation and synthesis. Website: Twitter: @balandino_dd

Béla Balázs

Béla Balázs, Software Engineer, Apple

Béla Balázs is a software engineer on the Core Audio team at Apple. Previously he worked at Native Instruments on products including Machine and Replika. As an experienced C++ developer, he has a passion for software design and performance optimizations.

Ben Supper

Ben Supper, Technical Programme Manager, ROLI & Chair, MPE Working Group, MIDI Manufacturing Association

Ben Supper has experimented with a number of careers in hardware and software development, systems engineering, DSP, and team leadership. He has spent eighteen years designing and building broadcast automation systems, live sound mixing consoles, audio interfaces, studio effects processors, and MIDI controllers.As well as editing the MPE spec for the Working Group, Ben holds a PhD in spatial psychoacoustics, his name is on various acoustical patents, and he’s chaired the UK Section of the Audio Engineering Society. Mostly, though, he’s ROLI’s engineer of last resort.Ben is on a lifelong quest to formulate the working principles that approximate the complex behaviour of human beings.

Brecht De Man

Brecht De Man, Researcher, Centre for Digital Music, QMUL

Brecht De Man is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. He previously received a PhD from the same institution, during which he published and presented research on the perception of recording and mixing engineering, intelligent audio effects, and the analysis of music production practices. He received an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium, in 2012. Brecht is the organiser of many events and serves on several committees, including those of the Workshop on Intelligent Music Production, a number of AES technical committees, and the Science Museum workshop ‘Sound Talking'. He leads the development of a few audio applications and services, such as the Web Audio Evaluation Tool and the Open Multitrack Testbed, and has a long track record of developing C++ plugins, including the JUCE-based SAFE suite. Since 2013, Brecht has been working closely with Yamaha Corporation on the topic of Semantic Mixing. More info about past and current projects can be found on

Carl Bussey

Carl Bussey, Software Developer, Native Instruments

Carl joined Native Instruments GmbH (NI) as a software developer in 2014. Since then, he has worked on a number of products within the portfolio. He was the lead developer and co-designer of the accessibility features in Komplete Kontrol, which were implemented to support visually impaired musicians and producers to create computer music. Before joining Native Instruments, he completed his Masters studies in Digital Audio and Music Systems Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London. He enjoys spending his free time making music with his electronic hardware, guitar, voice and knowledge of the Croatian language.

Christof Mathies

Christof Mathies, Computer Scientist, Adobe Audio Team

Christof Mathies joined Adobe almost five years ago and is a member on the audio team. He worked on a lot of different features in Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC. Processing audio signals is a central part of his all-day work from an engineering and QE perspective. During his spare time Christof can be found on the balcony growing vegetables, in the kitchen preparing delicious meals or in the gym playing volleyball.

Dave Ramirez

Dave Ramirez, Application Developer, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Dave Ramirez is a Senior Software Engineer with Inspire out of center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Drexel University, and is passionate about creating web and mobile applications with a focus on creating unique and engaging user experiences. Dave seeks out projects and opportunities that he finds personally rewarding. He has worked with companies in a variety of industries such as healthcare and clean energy, and is also passionate about music and audio production. Having worked mostly with web-centric technologies throughout his career, he sees great potential in further bridging the gap between audio development and the web. By presenting at ADC he hopes to inspire others to work towards a similar goal.

David Rowland

David Rowland, Senior Software Developer, Tracktion

David Rowland is the lead software developer at Tracktion Corporation, working primarily on the digital audio workstation, Tracktion. Other projects over the years have included audio plugins and iOS audio applications utilising JUCE. David has been an avid JUCE user since being introduced to it in 2008 whilst studying for his Masters in Music Technology.

David Saracino

David Saracino, Software Engineer, Apple

David Saracino is a software engineer focused on audio engine technologies. David began his career at Avid Technologies, working on the Pro Tools Audio Engine team before managing a small team of engineers focused on Pro Tools HD and what was to become the Pro Tools HDX systems. After Avid, David worked on various parts of the mobile media player stacks at Adobe Systems. David is currently an engineer on Apple’s AirPlay team, focusing on AirPlay Audio and helping bring AirPlay 2 to life.

David Su

David Su, Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab

David Su is a composer, drummer, computer musician, and audio developer. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree at the MIT Media Lab, where he is a research assistant in the Opera of the Future group. David's current research interests include artificial intelligence approaches to computer improvisation as well as algorithmic composition, theory of rhythm with regards to music perception, and musical interactivity through the lens of game development.

David Zicarelli

David Zicarelli, CEO, Cycling’74

David Zicarelli is the founder and CEO of Cycling ’74, developers of Max/MSP. He has been a JUCE devotee since 2006.

Devendra Parakh

Devendra Parakh, CEO, Waves Audio India

Devendra Parakh is the head of Waves’ India Development Center. He has been writing device drivers and applications for desktop and embedded platforms for more than twenty-five years. Most of his work in the past decade has been with Audio - both professional and consumer audio. In addition, he has vast experience of writing system and application software for a variety of domains and technologies including accounting, audiometry, communications, Computer Aided Design, desktop publishing, endoscope control, EEG Analysis, HID, medical diagnosis, networking, printers, security, storage, transliteration, and video capture. Before starting the Waves’ India Development Center, as a software consultant he has worked with organizations around the globe that include AT&T Labs, Alesis, Analog Devices, AudioScience, Creative Labs, DigiTech, Dolby Labs, EGO Systems, Hoontech, Lexmark, Lynx Studio Technologies, Motorola, NASA, Philips Semiconductor, PreSonus, QSound Labs, Roland, SMProAudio, Samsung, Sorenson Vision, Standard Microsystems, TC Electronics, Terratec, VLSI, Waves, Yahoo!, Yamaha, and many more.

Don Turner

Don Turner, Senior Developer Advocate, Google

Don Turner helps developers to achieve the best possible audio experiences on Android. He spends a lot of time tinkering with synthesizers, MIDI controllers and audio workstations. He also has an unwavering love for Drum and Bass music and used to DJ in some of the worst clubs in Nottingham, UK.

Doug Wyatt

Doug Wyatt, Software Engineer, Apple

Doug Wyatt is one of the original architects of Apple’s audio stack, including CoreMIDI, Audio Units, AudioToolbox, AVAudioEngine, and the iOS system mix engine. Before joining Apple, he worked on Opcode Systems’ professional musical tools, Studio Vision, Galaxy Plus Editors, and the Studio 5 MIDI interface/processor. Doug is also an accomplished pianist, composer, and synthesist.

Ed Davies

Ed Davies, Projucer Developer, JUCE

Ed Davies is a software engineer on the JUCE team, primarily working on the Projucer and its live-build engine. After graduating with a first class degree in Audio and Music Technology from the University of the West of England Ed joined the JUCE team as an intern and has been contributing to the framework ever since. Ed is passionate about writing clean, concise code and has experience writing complex user interfaces, with 2 published academic papers on tangible user interfaces for use with genetic algorithms.

Fabian Renn-Giles

Fabian Renn-Giles, Lead Engineer, JUCE

Fabian Renn-Giles is a lead engineer working for the JUCE C++ audio software framework. He focuses on the development of the plug-in hosting, client code and android support. He is also the co-founder and lead software developer at the audio plug-in start-up Fielding DSP and has a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. Fabian has over 10 years of professional software development experience in academia and the audio industry with Creamware GmbH and Behringer International.

Friedemann Schautz

Friedemann Schautz, Head of Development, Ableton

Friedemann Schautz is the Director of Product Development at Ableton. He joined Ableton in 2004 and has worked there in various roles, including software engineering, project management, quality assurance and technical management. Earlier, he had obtained a PhD in physics and has worked several years in the development of computer programs for scientific applications.

Geert Bevin

Geert Bevin, Senior Software Engineer, Moog Music

Geert Bevin is a programmer, musician, instrument designer, author, speaker and open-source contributor. He is the principal software engineer and co-designer of the LinnStrument, heads up software and iOS at Moog Music, created the SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI tools, created Geco MIDI for gestural music and GameWAVE for gestural gaming, worked on the Eigenharp, pioneered and contributed to Gentoo Linux, created the innovative web framework RIFE, and spent more than 15 years doing scalability and bytecode manipulation in Java. Geert plays the guitar and actively studies new musical instruments. He composes, arranges, sings and performs solo as well as with his band Flytecase.

Glenn Kasten

Glenn Kasten, Software Engineer Google

Glenn Kasten is a software engineer in the Android media team, with a focus on low-­level audio and performance. His background includes real­time operating systems and embedded applications, and he enjoys playing piano.

Giulio Moro

Giulio Moro, Researcher, Centre for Digital Music, QMUL

Giulio Moro is a PhD student in the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. A sound engineer by training, he is now researching in the field of performer-instrument interaction. He is one of the inventors and core developers of Bela, an embedded platform for ultra low-latency audio and sensor processing.

Hans Fugal

Hans Fugal, Software Engineer, Audio 360, Facebook

Hans Fugal is a software engineer at Facebook, working in the Audio360 team on audio for 360 video and cinematic VR. Hans gained a PhD in 2010 in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico, with an emphasis on Computer Music.

Heather D. Rafter

Heather D. Rafter, co-founder and principal attorney, RafterMarsh US

Heather Dembert Rafter has been providing legal and business development services to the audio, music technology and digital media industry for over twenty-five years. As the co-founder of the U.K. and U.S. based law firm RafterMarsh, she leads the RafterMarsh US team in providing a wide variety of services to small and medium-sized companies. RafterMarsh clients include ROLI, Ableton, Brainworx, Gobbler, Plugin Alliance, PreSonus, the Slate Companies and zplane.

Prior to forming RafterMarsh, Heather was the general counsel for Digidesign, the audio division of Avid Technology. She is passionate about supporting women in music and audio and serves on the advisory boards of the Women’s International Music Network and SoundGirls.Org.

Ian Hobson

Ian Hobson, Application Developer & Software Engineer, Ableton

Ian Hobson is a software engineer at Ableton working on Live’s instruments and effects. Before moving to Berlin he studied for a Master’s Degree in Digital Music Processing at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. He enjoys helping people to make strange noises with their computers.

Iris Brandis

Iris Brandis, Legal Counsel, Ableton

Iris Brandis is Ableton’s General Counsel, based in its Berlin headquarters. She joined Ableton in 2006 and founded its legal department. Prior to that she worked for a boutique IP law firm and an IP asset management company.

Ivan Cohen

Ivan Cohen, Freelance Software Developer & Owner, Musical Entropy

Ivan Cohen is a freelance software developer from France, with an extensive experience in the audio software industry. He did a PhD thesis with the IRCAM and the company Two Notes about guitar amplifiers simulation from 2009 to 2012, and he has developed audio effects for a few companies such as Sonic Academy, Audible Genius, Audionamix, Filmstro, TSE or Two Notes, mainly with the VST SDK and the JUCE framework, and made a contribution to JUCE 5.1 with the DSP module, released in August 2017. Today, he is looking for opportunities to work with other companies on audio effects technologies, and he has commercialized his own products under the brand name Musical Entropy.

Jamie Bullock

Jamie Bullock, Lead Audio Developer, Noiiz

Jamie Bullock is Lead Audio Developer at Noiiz, a technology startup that is changing the way we make music with samples. He previously co-founded Integra Lab, a music interaction research group at Birmingham Conservatoire. He is author of LibXtract, a widely-used C library for audio feature extraction and Integra Live, a modular audio environment. He has published widely on the topic of music interaction and is currently interested in the application of machine learning in enhancing musical creativity. Website: Twiter: @jamiebullock

Jan König

Jan König, Co-Founder, Jovo

Jan König is one of the founders of Jovo, an open source development framework for Alexa Skills and Google Actions. Jovo was recently one of 8 voice companies to go through the voicecamp accelerator by betaworks in NYC. You can learn more about Jan on Twitter @einkoenig.

Julian Storer

Julian Storer, Principal Software Engineer, JUCE

Julian Storer is the Head of Software Architecture at ROLI. An experienced C++ developer and consultant, Jules is the author of the JUCE framework, which powers the apps and plugins made by hundreds of audio tech companies. He also created the Tracktion DAW, used by thousands of musicians for over a decade.

Lukasz Kozakiewicz

Lukasz Kozakiewicz, Senior Software Engineer, ROLI

Inspired by authors like Robert C. Martin, Scott Meyers or GOF, Lukasz is passionate about writing clean, maintainable and easy to use code. Formerly working for Akai Professional on MPC Touch and MPC Software, he loves to embrace new technologies and to learn new things every day.

Martin Finke

Martin Finke, Freelance Software Developer

Martin Finke is a Freelance Software Developer from Leipzig, Germany. He is most passionate about modern C++ and Audio Signal Processing. As a teenager, he started programming in C++ to create small games. While at university, he worked as a part-time developer for an online game company. During his Master's Degree in Media Informatics, he developed software to control analog audio hardware via USB. After that, he created the BASSalicious synthesizer, using a self-made method for multisampled wavetable synthesis. Using JUCE and Rx, he implemented the music learning software MIDIculous, which allows piano teachers to share lessons with students online. Over the last year, he has been working on typesetting and document layouting algorithms for the Apple Design Award winning writing app Ulysses. Martin strongly advocates code clarity, and loves challenging algorithmic problems and novel programming concepts. His tutorial series Making Audio Plugins shows how to implement a software synthesizer from scratch. In his free time, he loves doing improv theatre, and sings in a casual choir. He has been playing piano since childhood, and has released piano and electronic music.

Martin Schuppius

Martin Schuppius, Independent Software Developer

Martin Schuppius is a long-time JUCE user, who is very fond of programming and music. He was always fascinated by using programming to simulate real-world systems. At university he studied engineering physics and his thesis was about the simulation of a nanomechanical relay. But nowadays he is more interested in simulating musical instruments, such as the guitar. Martin has his own company, but hasn’t yet released any software. He hopes that is going to change in the near future, when he releases a physically modelled instrument.

Matthias Krebs

Matthias Krebs, Appmusik

Matthias is a scientist, a musician of the DigiEnsemble Berlin, and is one of the most renowned mobile music experts. He is a music and media pedagogue, physicist and opera singer. He is currently working as a research assistant at the Berlin University of the Arts, where he heads the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music (Institute for Digital Music Technologies in Research and Practice). Since 2009, he has dealt with the systematic investigation of forms of musical practice with digital music technologies, in particular the phenomenon of mobile music making as well as the resulting pedagogic and artistic implications of this changed musical practice. Earlier this year he was responsible for the international symposium MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017 in Berlin. Matthias is also the author of numerous specialist articles on the topic of technology-mediated music making and is an regular speaker and moderator at conferences, and a passionate blogger.

Matthieu Brucher

Matthieu Brucher, Lead Developer, Audio Toolkit

Matthieu Brucher is the lead developer of Audio ToolKit, an open source DSP library geared towards performance and modularity. He holds a PhD in machine learning and signal processing from the Université de Strasbourg, a Master of Science from the université de Paris XI, a Master of Science from Supelec as well as a Master of Music from the university of Bath Spa. He currently works in the banking industry with a focus on high performance computing for financial mathematical models. His hobbies include music and audio development.

Michael Spork

Michael Spork, Senior Developer, Steinberg Media Technologies

Michael Spork is a developer and nowadays part of the Steinberg Research Group. In the past he was involved in the development of Plug-Ins such as Groove Agent, HALion, VST Connect, VST Transit and Sampler Track. In his spare time he enjoys tennis and playing in various bands.

Michael Zbyszyński

Michael Zbyszyński, Research Associate, Dept of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London

Michael Zbyszyński is a Research Associate in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths University of London. He has been a software developer at Avid, SoundHound, Cycling ’74, and Keith McMillen Instruments, and was Assistant Director of Pedagogy at UC Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT). As a musician, his work spans from brass bands to symphony orchestras, including composition and improvisation with woodwinds and electronics. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley and studied at the Academy of Music in Kraków on a Fulbright Grant. His work has been included in Make Magazine, the Rhizome Artbase, and on the ARTSHIP recording label.

Mike Warriner

Mike Warriner, General Counsel, Focusrite

Mike Warriner was Focusrite’s external counsel from 2008 and joined Focusrite in January 2010 as Legal Counsel and Head of Business Development. He became Commercial Director in July of the same year and subsequently, Finance Director from January 2013 to September 2014. Prior to joining Focusrite, Mike was a founding partner at the specialist corporate and technology law firm White & Black Legal LLP, where he headed up the Technology and IP practice from June 2007. Prior to this, he worked at an Oxford-based firm Darbys Solicitors LLP as a lawyer in the corporate, technology and finance team. Mike attended Trinity College of Music from 1994 to 1996 where he achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Performance for the Double Bass and subsequently played for some of London's leading orchestras as well as providing freelance session playing services to recording studios in both the UK and US.

Nico Becherer

Nico Becherer, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Audio Team

Nico Becherer is a Senior Computer Scientist in the Adobe Audio Team working on Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC and other Adobe products. His current focus lies in workflow simplification - making audio processing more accessible for non-expert users. Nico gained a PhD in Computer Science in 2008 and has worked with several major audio software companies in the past 10 years. Nico holds several patents in Audio and Video processing. He plays guitars and bass and when he’s not working on audio software he’s building robotic spiders or teaching improv theater.

Nikolas Borrel

Nikolas Borrel, Founder, Livetake

Nikolas Borrel is the Founder of Livetake ( Livetake makes it possible to automatically synchronize the concertgoer's smartphone recordings with quality sound recorded from the mixing desk. Besides Livetake, he works part-time as a software engineer at 3Shape, where he’s responsible for the mobile solutions. Having studied at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Odense, Denmark and holding a Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, music-related software is his passion.

Noah Dayan

Noah Dayan, JUCE Software Engineering Intern at ROLI

With a BSc in Computer Science and Music Technology, Noah helps the community of audio developers by facilitating the onboarding of new JUCE users. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his free time, you can find him recording a new album, listening to vinyl records or teaching analogue recording techniques on YouTube.

Oli Larkin

Oli Larkin, Audio Software Developer, Oli Larkin Plugins & PhD Researcher, Creative Coding Lab, University of Huddersfield

Oli Larkin is an audio software developer and PhD researcher in computer music based in the north of England. He has been developing his own audio plug-ins since 2003, the most recent of which was VirtualCZ - an emulation of the Casio CZ series phase distortion synthesisers from the 1980s. Another of his products “Endless Series” is an experimental audio effect based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion. He also maintains the WDL-OL/IPlug plug-in framework and works a lot with JUCE, Faust and MaxMSP too. Having previously worked at the Universities of Leeds and York, Oli is now doing a PhD at the University of Huddersfield.

Paul Chana

Paul Chana, Senior Software Engineer, ROLI

Paul is Lead Software Engineer at ROLI, having joined from the FXpansion team in 2016. For the last year he has been developing BLOCKS Dashboard, firmware updaters and MPE MIDI Effects, as well as extending and deploying Littlefoot applications. Before ROLI he was a Senior Software Engineer at FXpansion where he led the development of the award winning Geist and its sequel, as well as a series of effects developed for both commercial and internal use. He also contributed to the industry defining BFD software, developing the graphic design for v3 of the software, as well as writing code for v2. His professional interests include modern C++, firmware development using C++, clean code development and UX/UI functionality. He holds a 1st class degree in Software Engineering.

Phil Burk

Phil Burk, Staff Software Engineer, Android Audio Framework, Google

Phil Burk is a staff software engineer at Google working on MIDI and high performance audio. Phil was an early experimenter in the computer music field. He started with building home brew analog and digital synthesizers in the late 70's and early 80's. He then co-developed the Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL) in the 1980's which featured abstract algorithmic composition and real-time DSP synthesis. Phil then designed and developed the first DSP based game audio system while at 3DO in the early-90's. More recently he has worked on JSyn, PortAudio, the WebDrum, Sony PS3, and developed a MIDI ringtone synthesizer for the mobile phone industry. He has been working for several years with the MMA on next generation MIDI protocols and serves on their Exec Board.

Raphael Dinge

Raphael Dinge, Head of Software Architecture, Ohm Force

Raphael Dinge is the Head of Software Architecture at Ohm Force. An experienced C++ developer and consultant, Raphael is the author of the Flip framework, the first turnkey solution for real time collaboration, which powers several music tech companies today. He also created the Ohm Studio DAW, used by thousands of musicians for the last five years.

Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery, Senior Engineer, Dolby Laboratories

Ryan Avery is an audio-focused software developer who has worked in the music and audio industry for over 15 years. Getting his engineering start as a plugin developer at Avid Technologies, Ryan worked on the Elastic Audio algorithms in Pro Tools and helped develop the plugin engine that powers Pro Tools HDX, writing the very first hardware-accelerated AAX plugin in the process. Now a Staff Engineer for Dolby Laboratories, Ryan develops software and tools that help content creators produce Dolby Atmos object-oriented audio content. He has a continual focus on improving the development/test workflow for teams within Dolby. In addition, Ryan remains an active musician, with his violin-electronica project Chance's End garnering over 29 million listens on the Pandora streaming service alone.

Sanna Wager

Sanna Wager, PhD Candidate, Music Informatics, Indiana University Bloomington & Intern, Google

Sanna Wager is a Ph.D. candidate at the Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, with adviser Minje Kim. Her focus is in audio signal processing and music representation in technology. She interned at Google on the Android audio team in the summer of 2017. Her undergraduate degree was in bassoon performance at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and she enjoys playing bassoon, singing in a choir, and computer music.

Simon Ringeisen

Simon Ringeisen, Computer Science Student, ETH Zurich

From a young age, Simon Ringeisen was interested in computers. He started to develop Android Apps in his free time, and chose to create Apps for people with physical and mental disabilities as his assignment, which was later awarded best science assignment by the local natural researching society. After learning the foundations of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, he wrote his Bachelor Thesis at the Interactive Geometry Lab research group led by Prof. Dr. Olga Sorkine-Hornung. Having finished his Bachelors-Degree in 2016, he will pursue his studies after a semester of civil service. He’s mainly interested in Visual Computing (VR, AR and Animations) and Digital Music creation.

SKoT McDonald

SKoT McDonald, Lead Software Engineer & Head of Sound R&D, ROLI

SKoT McDonald is Head of Sound Research and a Lead Software Engineer at ROLI. He has worked on synthesis, effects, audio analysis & music AI for many years as a postgrad, an R & D engineer at tomandandy, and as CTO of FXpansion (2003 until acquisition by ROLI in 2016), as a lead developer of the BFD family of virtual drum instruments. His professional interests include Music Information Retrieval, lossless audio compression (BFDLAC), automating Big Data tasks associated with BFD, and tricking computers into doing more maths per second. He is also working on a PhD exploring cybernetics and artificial agency in electronic music performance.

Stefan Stenzel

Stefan Stenzel, CTO, Waldorf Music GmbH

For over 20 years, Stefan Stenzel has been the creative mind behind the Waldorf product range from analog synthesizers to Apps, many of them award winning. He enjoys developing highly optimised algorithms and implementations for digital audio. Currently he is focused on synthesised singing and the design of musical gear.

Steinunn Arnardottir

Steinunn Arnardottir, Head of Software Development & Collaborations, Native Instruments

Steinunn Arnardottir currently heads collaborations between Native Instruments' development teams and external partners. She has been a part of NI's Research team as a DSP Developer for over seven years and has worked on audio effects such as compressors, limiters, reverbs and filters for whole NI’s product range, including Maschine, Traktor, GuitarRig and Kontakt.She received a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2006 from University of Iceland, M.A. in Music Science and Technology in 2008 and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 2010, both from Stanford University.

Tim Adnitt

Tim Adnitt, Product Manager

Tim joined Native Instruments London in 2013. He is the Product Owner for Komplete Kontrol Software which powers the award-winning Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards, and NKS SDK. He is co-designer of Komplete Kontrol’s accessibility features for visually-impaired musicians. Tim holds an MA in Composition and has over seventeen years of experience in the Music Technology industry having previously worked on Sibelius scoring software, Pro Tools and AIR products. He is active as a Producer and Audio Engineer and in this capacity has a long-standing relationship with Jazz composer and keyboard player Django Bates.

Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler, Senior Software Developer, JetBrains

Timur Doumler develops software at JetBrains, where he currently works on CLion, the cross-platform C++ IDE. In the past he has worked in the audio tech industry and was involved in various software projects at Native Instruments and ROLI. He has also written code for JUCE, the popular open-source cross-platform C++ framework. Timur is a member of the C++ standard committee and likes clean code, metal festivals, and giving talks at conferences.

Tom Poole

Tom Poole, Senior Software Engineer, JUCE

Tom Poole is a senior software engineer at ROLI working on the cross-platform C++ framework JUCE. Before joining the JUCE team Tom was developing high performance atomistic simulation software for Materials Design, a follow on from his PhD in computational quantum mechanics. Whilst simultaneously completing his PhD Tom also cofounded Newsflo, a big-data news article amalgamation framework subsequently acquired by Elsevier, and joined the audio plug-in startup Fielding DSP.

Varun Nair

Varun Nair, Engineering Manager, Audio 360, Facebook

Varun Nair has spent over a decade in the audio industry and has worked on hundreds of projects across television, film, games and interactivity. He co-founded Two Big Ears, where he led development of spatial audio technologies and tools. Two Big Ears was acquired by Facebook.

Vlad Voina

Vlad Voina, Freelance Software Engineer

Vlad Voina is a Software Developer. His passion for house music led him to get involved into all aspects of the music industry, from producing, DJing, stage lighting design and VJing, but also planning and promoting parties.It was music that also guided him towards his programming career and and soon after graduating from University of Goldsmiths' Creative Computing, he became passionate about software architecture and modern GUI frameworks.

Yvan Grabit

Yvan Grabit, Technical Lead VST, Steinberg Media Technologies

Yvan Grabit completed an Engineering degree in Image Processing and computing at Institut Supérieur d´Électronique de Paris, followed by a period of research at Fraunhofer IGD in Rostock. He then moved to Paris and Cannes to work for Aérospatiale (now part of Thales Alenia Space) in satellite image processing. 20 years ago Yvan decided to change his field of work from image to audio and began his career as a developer at Steinberg. He started in the Nuendo team, then developed different plug-ins, such as LM-4, The Grand and HALion, and took on the responsibility for the development of plug-in integration, surround features and VST-SDK (version 2 and later on version 3). Today, he is team leader of the Research group which works in different fields like MIR, 3D/VR audio, restauration, Machine Learning, etc. As technical lead of VST he promotes and maintains VST 3, and supports 3rd Party developers. He continues to play drums, guitar and piano in several music groups.

Zsolt Garamvölgyi

Zsolt Garamvölgyi, Staff Algorithm Engineer, ROLI

Zsolt Garamvölgyi is a Staff Algorithm Engineer at ROLI where in the last three years he has been working on Equator, the company's cross-platform synthesiser engine. Before ROLI he was a Senior DSP Engineer at Blackstar Amplification where he developed the algorithms powering the highly successful ID:Series and ID:Core ranges of guitar amplifiers. His professional interests include modern C++, optimisation for runtime performance, physical modelling and digital circuit design for FPGAs. He holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering.

Zulfadhli Mohamad

Zulfadhli Mohamad, PhD Researcher, QMUL

Zulfadhli Mohamad is from Malaysia and currently studying for a PhD (will be finishing soon) at Queen Mary University of London. His research interests are electric guitar analysis and synthesis. For his PhD research, he explores concepts of replicating the sound of popular guitarists from their recordings. He enjoys making music and playing his guitar during his free time.