Mitch from Accurate Sound

From 705.6kHz sample rates to running 23 channels of convolution on a Raspi to helping his customers win car audio competitions, Mitch Barnett is in the vanguard of the rapidly evolving audiophile industry.


Joe from Audible Genius

Originally funded by a Kickstarter in 2012, Joe Hanley not only developed a curriculum to teach synthesizer sound design but also created a cross-platform app to deliver it.


Technical Deep Dive: Unicode Literals

This article dives down the rabbit-hole, exploring what that means for a cross-platform JUCE project. We'll look at some of the challenges and options available to you.


What's New In JUCE 8

JUCE 8 proudly doubles down on cross-platform C++ UI, bringing serious low-level enhancements to text rendering, a blazing fast Direct2D renderer on Windows and a brand new animation framework.


Interview with David Hilowitz

Composer, YouTuber and Plugin Developer are just a few of the roles that David Hilowitz successfully dances between.


JUCE 8 Feature Overview: Unicode

JUCE 8 invests heavily into lowe level text rendering and Unicode support, while maintaining a focus on backwards compatibility.


JUCE 8 Feature Overview: Animation Module

JUCE 8 includes a new juce_animation module. It's a feature-rich way to compose and run smooth animations with your JUCE UI elements.


JUCE 8 Feature Overview: WebView UIs

JUCE 8 comes with a new set of tooling to help developers build UIs for audio applications and plugins with web technologies such as React, Vue, or even plain HTML, CSS and javascript.


Luke from Sonnox

When it comes to expertly maintaining a large library of audio plugins, "Use JUCE or have a hard time!" is Luke Maycock's primary recommendation.


Jay from The Him DSP

With half a billion Spotify streams under his belt, Jay pivots from being "mini-famous" in EDM to launching a brand new plugin business.

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