Joe from Audible Genius

Originally funded by a Kickstarter in 2012, Joe Hanley not only developed a curriculum to teach synthesizer sound design but also created a cross-platform app to deliver it.


Interview with David Hilowitz

Composer, YouTuber and Plugin Developer are just a few of the roles that David Hilowitz successfully dances between.


Luke from Sonnox

When it comes to expertly maintaining a large library of audio plugins, "Use JUCE or have a hard time!" is Luke Maycock's primary recommendation.


Jay from The Him DSP

With half a billion Spotify streams under his belt, Jay pivots from being "mini-famous" in EDM to launching a brand new plugin business.


Eyal Amir from Modalics

Eyal Amir is a talented musician, a veritable fountain of JUCE and C++ knowledge and one half of the fledgeling plugin company Modalics.


Anastasios "Taz" Brakis from Tazman Audio

After 7 years in development, Anastasios "Taz" Brakis launches his next generation game audio product, SoundMaker.


Arden Butterfield from Wildergarden Audio

Arden Butterfield releases MAIM (MAIM Ain't an Implementation of Mp3), an open source effect plugin that is both a work of art and a nostalgic tribute to the digital vibe of the 1990s.


Shane Nolan from Aviate Audio

Aviate Audio was formed in Buffalo, New York by a small team of musicians and engineers who, like many other musicians, were on a never ending quest to find new sounds.


Kei Nakajima from KORG Gadget

Discover how KORG harnessed JUCE’s audio I/O capabilities in order to produce the next generation of desktop and mobile audio applications


Oliver Tristan from UVI

UVI is a Paris, France based developer of sounds and software for professional audio production. Over the past two decades, UVI has released an extensive catalog of instruments and applications.

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