ADC'18 Recap

As we close the curtain on ADC'18, we take a look at some of the highlights that have helped to make this year special.

Last week, audio developers from around the world gathered for the 4th annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC), held at CodeNode in London.

With over 40 talks this year across 4 tracks, the ADC programme covers a variety of subjects, from DSP algorithms and plug-ins inside a web browser, to game audio programming and even a working proposal to add std::audio to the C++ coding standard. These talks have been carefully curated by the ADC Programme Committee, consisting of experts throughout the audio development industry.

After a welcome address by ROLI CEO Roland Lamb and ADC Director Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, ADC officially kicked off with a keynote from Julian Storer, founder of JUCE, who unveiled SOUL (Sound Language), a cross-platform sound language and API designed to make real-time audio coding faster, easier, and more portable.

Soul Announcement

Following the welcome address and the announcement of SOUL, the first day of ADC proved to be full of presentations on the cutting edge of what's happening in audio development, including a proposal for std::audio in the C++ coding standards, the use of plug-ins within a web browser, and a new look at dsp filter design. See all the talks from the first day here.

The day finished with a keynote from Marina Bosi, CCRMA at Stanford University, who spoke about the ways audio coding has shaped our lives, as well as a peek into the future of this industry.

Marina Bosi Keynote

The 2nd day started strong with a keynote from AudioKit Founder Aurelius Prochazka, who presented his ideas about the democratization of audio development.

Aure Prochazka keynote

After Aurelius's keynote, the 2nd day of ADC provided plenty of choice for audio developers looking to widen their skillset, with discussions on game audio programming, Android audio app development, an introduction to the Rust programming language, and more. See all the talks from the 2nd day here.

Paul Bamborough, the founder of Lightworks, finished the talks from ADC where he posed a question asking the larger purpose behind what we do within the audio development industry.

Paul Bamborough Keynote

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