ADC'19 recap

As we conclude another year at ADC, we highlight some of the events from the conference

Last week, over 400 developers travelled to London for the 5th annual Audio Developer Conference.

The conference featured over 40 talks, keynotes and panels from music and audio industry experts across a variety of subjects ranging from product design to multi-threaded optimisation in C++.

When the previous venue where ADC was to be held declared bankruptcy only 2 weeks before the event, the audio development community pulled together, helping to lessen additional costs brought by a change of venue. In return, patrons gained access to live streaming from the conference, along with early access to new videos and other rewards.

With over $7,500 contributed from over 150 patrons, ADC is closing on its goal of $10,000 raised. Contribute to Patreon for early access to the ADC'19 videos.

The first day of the conference was dedicated for 6 workshops with expert developers offering courses on digital signal processing, SOUL, turning a JUCE plug-in into a hardware instrument and more. The workshops were a resounding success, with 129 attendees.

The Apple and Google Android teams were also hand for office hours, where developers could speak directly on best practices for developing on their respective platforms.

New and veteran ADC attendees alike gathered for an evening quiz sponsored by Apple. Participants networked over pizza and formed teams for the quiz, with prizes for winners from Apple along with Arturia, ROLI, Pace, and Accusonus.

On Tuesday, the conference kicked off with an address from Executive Director Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut welcoming attendees to ADC, followed by a keynote presentation from JUCE and SOUL creator Julian Storer entitled "Coding with your cave-brain."

One of the key presentations at ADC'19 was the unveiling of MIDI 2.0 with MIDI Manufacturers Association members Mike Kent, Brett Porter, and Florian Bomers. The talk outlined the biggest update to MIDI since its inception in the early 80's, and how this will extend possibilities for music making applications in the future.

ADC hosted 5 panel discussions with industry experts, discussing topics such as legal considerations when buying or selling your audio company, developing music products for accessibility, product design, machine learning, and mobile vs desktop music creation applications and discussion on how they complement or compete with each other.

The day finished with a keynote from technology innovator and award-winning recording artist Imogen Heap, where she demonstrated how she re-shaped live performance using MI.MU Gloves. Her keynote also featured a performance alongside Tim Exile - a well recognised technologist and performance-led musician.

For the second year, ADC hosted an event for Women in audio, where women and non-binary individuals met to network and discuss their experiences within music tech. The event was sponsored by Raftermarsh, Focusrite, Accusonus, and Native Instruments and recieved an overwhelmingly positive response, with over 20 people in attendance.

Francois Pachet keynote

The final day of ADC launched with a keynote from Francois Pachet, the Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab. Francois discussed the challenges of making music with AI, along with an overview of results to-date.

The conference also featured a career fair, where some of the top companies in music tech met with attendees to discuss opportunities and future prospects.

Throughout the conference, over 20 posters and demos exhibited their work and research - from the latest technology on analog modelling to algorithmic music. These exhibitors had the opportunity to demonstrate their creations to attendees throughout ADC.

The final keynote of ADC'19 was delivered courtesy of Gerhard Behles, the Co-Founder and CEO of Ableton. In a conversation with Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, Gerhard detailed his journey throughout the history of Ableton, how music tech companies have a role in making the world a better place, and more.

ADC'19 finished with 2 evening events - lightning talks and a networking event.

The lightning talks have become an ADC tradition - attendees are invited to informally perform, speak, or demo their creations with a strict 5 minute limit.

The networking event was created for investors, sponsors, artists and keynote speakers to listen to pitches from 10 businesses and create new connections.

ADC'19 would like to thank the sponsors, presenters, patrons, volunteers, and attendees for their support in making this the best conference yet! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at audiodevcon to keep up with the latest news.

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