Getting started with Max and Max for Live

Cycling ’74’s Max now offers a toolkit for designing interfaces and interactions with BLOCKS without coding. Every BLOCKS purchase comes with a free three-month Max subscription. Max is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Getting Started

First, download Max from the Cycling ’74 website here. You will find the code for your 3-month Max license in your ROLI account page after registering your Block and can enter this on your Max account page to activate your license. The video below shows this process as well as how to download the BLOCKS Package in Max, connect your BLOCKS via USB and test that things are working properly:

Getting started with Max Video

Max for Live

BLOCKS is now compatible with Max for Live, allowing you to easily and seamlessly use BLOCKS objects in Max to create custom controllers for Ableton. Check out the videos below for a tutorial on how to get started building interfaces for BLOCKS hardware and an example of the FM drum synth that can be found in the BLOCKS package working in Max for Live:

Max Patching Tutorial Video

FM Drum Synth Video

To get started exploring the possibilities of BLOCKS…

Download Max

Further Information

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