Introducing Projucer and JUCE 4: Grapefruit JUCE


Introducing Projucer and JUCE 4: Grapefruit JUCE

13th November 2015


The Projucer is a comprehensive project management and code editing tool with a revolutionary C++ live coding environment which has full C++11 support.

  • Compile code in real time, allowing to visualise the interface instantly
  • Live coding environment for any type of code, including sound
  • Live coding per component, allowing to test parts of your project individually
  • Use in conjunction with any IDE
  • Manipulate graphically the values of variables and literals with sliders and colour picker

In addition to this revolutionary live coding environment, the Projucer is also a cross-platform project management tool that can export platform-specific projects for your IDE:

  • Manage your projects across all platforms
  • C++ code editor
  • Export Xcode projects for OSX and iOS
  • Export Visual Studio projects up to VS2015
  • Export Android Studio projects
  • Create Linux makefiles
  • Export Code::Blocks projects


  • Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, with Xcode 6.3 or higher installed
  • Limited functionality on Windows 7 or higher, full version coming soon


New to JUCE 4.1
  • Added multi-bus support for audio plug-in clients
  • Added support for MIDI effect plug-ins (AU and AAX).
  • Added MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) classes
  • Added full support for generating and parsing Midi RPN/NRPN messages
  • Made the LinearSmoothedValue class public
  • Improved support for Android Studio on Windows
  • Miscellaneous fixes and minor improvements
Modules added in JUCE 4

OSC module

  • Easy-to-use implementation of the full OSC 1.0 standard.
  • Construct OSC messages and OSC bundles
  • Send and receive OSC messages over the network
  • Configure the network ports used for communication
  • Use OSC wildcard expressions to route incoming OSC messages to different destinations in your app

DSP module

  • Coming soon, the DSP module is a compilation of signal processing utilities grouped into one library.
Improved Android support
  • High performance audio (Android M, on certain devices)
  • Seamless export to Android Studio to support native code debugging
  • MIDI over Bluetooth
  • MIDI over USB and on-the-go

Bug fixes and features since JUCE 3.2.0

Operating Systems
  • Android M support: Low-latency audio, Android Midi, Midi over Bluetooth LE
  • Embedded Apple’s AudioUnit SDK
  • Improved Clang Windows support
  • Various android bug fixes
  • Support for VST 3 SDK version 3.6.5
  • VST3 bypass support
  • VST3 Midi controller mapping support
  • Add intermediate workaround for multi AU channel audio
  • Add high resolution audio unit parameter support
Utilities, IDEs
  • Visual Studio 2015 support
  • Xcode 7 support
  • Added a new class AudioVisualiserComponent
  • Major performance improvements on juce’s TextDiff algorithm
  • Doxygen API Reference can now be generated offline
  • Various documentation fixes and clarifications
  • Allow re-use of network port for Datagram sockets
  • Various fixes for svg parser
  • It is now possible to get the name of a Midi output device
  • Improved interface for manipulating openness state of TreeView items
Data structure and types
  • Improved performance of BigInteger
  • New functions for Base64 conversion
  • Support for setting default SDK paths in global preferences (this can now be overridden by the Projucer projects)
  • Displays syntax highlighting for standard library headers
  • New command-line options for trimming whitespace and replacing tabs in source files
  • Code re-factoring

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