JUCE 4.3


JUCE 4.3

New features in JUCE 4.3

2nd November 2016


This release has the first public version of the ROLI BLOCKS SDK with comprehensive documentation and examples. As always, let us know how you getting on on the forum.

Projucer's live-build engine free for 3 months

The Projucer live build engine is free for 3 months for you to try on Windows and macOS.

Release notes

  • Added API and examples for ROLI Blocks
  • Multiple Projucer live-build UI and diagnostics improvements
  • JUCE now supports hosting multi-bus plug-ins
  • BufferingAudioSource now supports pre-buffering (useful for offline processing)
  • Added microphone permissions switch to Projucer for iOS targets
  • Standalone wrappers now correctly save and restore midi settings
  • Various performance improvements to BigInteger
  • Added a workaround for the broken “Open Recent…” menu on os x
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Various documentation improvements
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