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JUCE 5 Release Notes

We’re proud to announce that since JUCE 4 was released, 297,000 lines of code were added and 460,000 removed! More is less in software development, and we’re taking pride in keeping the whole library clean and as efficient as it can be.

The JUCE community has also grown, with over 500 companies and independent developers licensed to JUCE, and thousands of developers on the GPL license. Since we launch JUCE 4 in November 2015, 19,000 posts were exchanged on the forum.

While the library contains less lines of code, it also has several new features, and new licensing options.

New Licensing Model

All licenses continue to be individual, per developer.

We are introducing the Personal license, which is completely free and allows to release closed source applications as long as total yearly revenue is less than USD $50k. Users on the Personal license can start immediately to release applications built with JUCE 5, on all platforms, and benefit from all the engine features. A splash screen “Made with JUCE” will be automatically added to the apps built with this license.

The Education license allows students, teachers and academics to use JUCE under the same conditions than the personal license, but are not limited in revenue.

The Indie license gets more affordable! Priced at $35 per month or $700 in perpetuity, the Indie license allows to deploy on all platforms, until a limit of USD $200k in total yearly revenue is reached. Splash screen will not be added to applications built with an Indie license.

The Pro license now includes deployment on iOS and Android, and is priced at $65 per month or $1300 in perpetuity. Premium Support (additional paid service) is available to Pro users to accelerate software release with the help of JUCE experts.

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The Projucer’s live coding engine is now available to everyone. Once only available to paid customers, the live coding engine allows to visualise your changes as you code, allowing to fine tune the user interface without the need to recompile.

The Projucer gets also a fresh look & feel, easier navigation for your multi-platform projects, improved account and license management system.

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Features of JUCE 5.0

  • For plug-in development
    • Standalone plug-in format: In addition to VST, VST3, AudioUnit, Audio Unit v3 and AAX, JUCE now supports the “Standalone” plug-in format which will compile a standalone app of your plug-in. This plug-in format is supported on all platforms. You can enable this format in the Projucer in the “Project Settings” page
    • Added support for VST3 SDK 3.6.7
  • For Mobile development
    • Support of Apple’s Inter App Audio: Standalone plug-ins can be used as Inter-App Audio instruments and effects on iOS. See details here .
    • Android
      • Complete re-write of Android audio backend with various performance and stability improvements
      • Various stability and performance improvements for Android MIDI
      • Improved Android touch-latency
      • Performance improvements to Bluetooth LE on Android
      • Added support for type-face ligature rendering
      • Support for non-experimental gradle plug-in versions >= 2.2
      • Support for Android Studio 2.3
      • Bluetooth BLE MIDI reliability improvements
  • For third-party modules
    • Closed source module integration: JUCE modules support the inclusion of pre-compiled static libraries
  • For MIDI and MPE development
    • Windows Bluetooth LE MIDI: JUCE can use the new Windows 10 MIDI API, providing better support for runtime device changes and supporting Bluetooth Low Energy devices. See more details here .
  • Graphic User Interface
    • New Look & Feel with modern UI elements
  • Code modernisation
    • Support for C++11/14 features such as auto, lambdas, range-based for loops, move semantics, nullptr etc.
    • Added range-based for loops to HashMap, MemoryBlock,
  • Embedded development
    • Support for Linux embedded: JUCE no longer requires a desktop environment on linux enabling the deployment to headless, embedded linux devices
    • Added IPv6 support to JUCE
  • Linux
    • Support for WebBrowserComponent on Linux (WebBrowserComponent is now supported on every desktop OS)
  • Projucer
    • Support for the latest versions of Xcode, Visual Studio and Android Studio
    • New UI design
    • Improved workflow and UX
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