SOUL First Public Beta Release

The first public release of the SOUL SDK is now available for developers

We’re pleased to announce that the first public release of the SOUL SDK is now available for developers!

SOUL is short for SOUnd Language. It is a new high-performance language and back-end platform to make it easy to write high-performance audio code that can be safely run on a variety of platforms.

The SOUL platform is a language and an API. The language is a small, carefully crafted DSL for writing the real-time parts of an audio algorithm. The API is designed to deploy theSOUL code to CPUs and DSPs, both locally and remotely.

The release includes the following items:

  • Support for the new SOUL Patch format. This is a new audio plugin format for writing SOUL-based cross-platform plugins.

  • Dependency-free C++ headers and dynamic libraries to allow developers to load and run SOUL Patches in their apps on OSX, Windows and Linux.

  • Utilities for loading SOUL Patches as a juce::AudioPluginInstance, to make it easy for existing JUCE apps to load patches.

  • A refreshed playground which supports patches, and has new input and output features.

  • A command-line tool which does a range of tasks including:

    • Load and run a SOUL patch with live code reloading

    • Compile a SOUL file and emit errors, for integration into IDEs

    • Generate C++ or HEART from a SOUL file

    • Create new patch projects

    • Generate visual graphs from SOUL files

There is also a new release of Tracktion Waveform which uses the SDK to provide built-in support for SOUL patches, allowing them to be live-coded while the DAW is running.

The code and binaries are available on github.

If you’d like to give feedback or discuss SOUL further, please visit the JUCE forum!

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