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Consistent code style and rigorous coding standards are a core feature of JUCE, which is why we’re excited to finally share something that we’ve been working on under wraps for many months now - EmojiJUCE!

Integrating emojis into the JUCE codebase is the next logical evolution of the library and comes with a number of benefits. Perhaps the most pertinent of these is that the use of descriptive symbols that only take a few bytes of space in place of long, multi-character type, class and method names results in a drastic reduction in application binary size. Here at the JUCE team, we’ve seen reductions of around 120% in our file sizes since switching to emojis. Another benefit is that code becomes much more visually appealing and exciting to look at.

For example, this is a simple piece of JUCE code written in plain old C++:

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 16.34.41

And this is the same piece of code written with emojis:

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 16.34.49

If, for some reason, you’re not fully convinced try it out for yourself! We’ve created a simple juce_EmojiDefines.h file that can easily be integrated into your project and contains a number of emoji replacements for C++ keywords, JUCE classes and JUCE methods. We’ve also created a simple code example (currently only supported on macOS) showing how much better JUCE code now looks - EmojiJUCE.h

We will soon be transitioning the entire JUCE codebase to exclusively use emojis and look forward to your positive feedback!

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