Tokyo BLOCKS Hackathon

Hosted at Google’s offices on Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, the hackathon will offer developers, designers and musicians to create fun applications with the whole BLOCKS family. The event is supported by Cycling’74 and organised in collaboration with MI7.

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Google – MI7 – Cycling’74 – SONICWIRE

About Tokyo BLOCKS Hackathon


BLOCKS is a new hardware music environment developed by ROLI, allowing to create new music gestures and practices. BLOCKS can be entirely customised and assembled with Max, Javascript, C++, to develop interactive experiences for desktop, mobile and web. The hackathon will bring together artists, developers, designers and product visionaries to create unique creative experiences.


Over two days, team up with designers, developers or artists to invent interactive experiences. Everyone is invited to join the hackathon: from students to experienced developers, designers , artists and musicians. It is the perfect place to build and test ideas. You can either bring an ongoing project or start one from scratch, use the technologies available and join a project!


The hackathon takes place at the fantastic Google’s office at Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. We will offer great prizes to the best teams. You will also get to meet artists and engineers that will guide you and give you feedback on your projects.

What is BLOCKS?

BLOCKS is an ensemble of hardware tools that connect together to allow to customise your musical creations. BLOCKS works as a usual MIDI controller, but can also be customised. BLOCKS is used by artists all over the world to perform and compose.

How does it work?

One the first day, after the presentation of the technologies, we will invite you to form small groups of 3-4 people (typically 1 engineer, 1 tester, 1 designer, 1 musician), to work on a project of your choice. The goal is to develop a project over 24 hours that you will present at the end of the event. This project is not restricted to the technologies we present, it can be anything you want to do! You can build a musical instrument, a game, a light installation or a music remote control. We will present to you software technology (Javascript, C++, Max), but you can use other technologies or hardware. As part of a team, you will brainstorm ideas and share the tasks to come up with a fun idea to present. Download Blocks Dashboard to start building programs for Blocks.

Here are two examples of projects built during a hackathon at ROLI:

To join a team, you can be a musician or music producer, an artist working with interactive technologies, a software or web developer, a designer, a product manager, or someone curious to learn new things and willing to work as part of a team. Please bring your personal computer with you!

API Partners



Saturday 7th October 2017

9:30am: Registration
10:30am: BLOCKS API presentations
11:30am: Artists / sponsors presentation
12:30pm: Lunch
Afternoon: participants team up in groups of 3-4 and start hacking
6pm: Curfew, participants can continue at home

Sunday 8th October 2017

11am: Hackathon resumes
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Hack presentations (2 min per hack)
All code released on GitHub as open source
4pm: prize for the best hacks
Drinks and networking
6pm: Curfew


1st prize

1 Seaboard Block and 1 Lightpad Block for each member of the winning team

2nd prize

1 Developer Kit for each member More prizes to be announced soon!


Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut
Takashi Toyoshima
Tatsuya Shiozawa
Kamdagawa Souyou
Playwright, stage acoustician, robotic engineer
Norikazu Yamaguchi
Music producer, EnterTech evangelist

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