Internally-used class for wrapping a DrawablePath's state into a ValueTree. More...

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class  Element

Public Member Functions

 ValueTreeWrapper (const ValueTree &state)
bool usesNonZeroWinding () const
void setUsesNonZeroWinding (bool b, UndoManager *undoManager)
ValueTree getPathState ()
void readFrom (const RelativePointPath &relativePath, UndoManager *undoManager)
void writeTo (RelativePointPath &relativePath) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DrawableShape::FillAndStrokeState
 FillAndStrokeState (const ValueTree &state)
ValueTree getFillState (const Identifier &fillOrStrokeType)
RelativeFillType getFill (const Identifier &fillOrStrokeType, ComponentBuilder::ImageProvider *) const
void setFill (const Identifier &fillOrStrokeType, const RelativeFillType &newFill, ComponentBuilder::ImageProvider *, UndoManager *)
PathStrokeType getStrokeType () const
void setStrokeType (const PathStrokeType &newStrokeType, UndoManager *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Drawable::ValueTreeWrapperBase
 ValueTreeWrapperBase (const ValueTree &state)
ValueTreegetState () noexcept
String getID () const
void setID (const String &newID)

Static Public Attributes

static const Identifier nonZeroWinding
static const Identifier point1
static const Identifier point2
static const Identifier point3
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DrawableShape::FillAndStrokeState
static const Identifier type
static const Identifier colour
static const Identifier colours
static const Identifier fill
static const Identifier stroke
static const Identifier path
static const Identifier jointStyle
static const Identifier capStyle
static const Identifier strokeWidth
static const Identifier gradientPoint1
static const Identifier gradientPoint2
static const Identifier gradientPoint3
static const Identifier radial
static const Identifier imageId
static const Identifier imageOpacity

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Drawable::ValueTreeWrapperBase
ValueTree state

Detailed Description

Internally-used class for wrapping a DrawablePath's state into a ValueTree.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ValueTreeWrapper()

DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::ValueTreeWrapper ( const ValueTree state)

Member Function Documentation

◆ usesNonZeroWinding()

bool DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::usesNonZeroWinding ( ) const

◆ setUsesNonZeroWinding()

void DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::setUsesNonZeroWinding ( bool  b,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getPathState()

ValueTree DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::getPathState ( )

◆ readFrom()

void DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::readFrom ( const RelativePointPath relativePath,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ writeTo()

void DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::writeTo ( RelativePointPath relativePath) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ nonZeroWinding

const Identifier DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::nonZeroWinding

◆ point1

const Identifier DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::point1

◆ point2

const Identifier DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::point2

◆ point3

const Identifier DrawablePath::ValueTreeWrapper::point3

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