Internally-used class for wrapping a DrawableText's state into a ValueTree. More...

Inheritance diagram for DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper:

Public Member Functions

 ValueTreeWrapper (const ValueTree &state)
String getText () const
void setText (const String &newText, UndoManager *undoManager)
Value getTextValue (UndoManager *undoManager)
Colour getColour () const
void setColour (Colour newColour, UndoManager *undoManager)
Justification getJustification () const
void setJustification (Justification newJustification, UndoManager *undoManager)
Font getFont () const
void setFont (const Font &newFont, UndoManager *undoManager)
Value getFontValue (UndoManager *undoManager)
RelativeParallelogram getBoundingBox () const
void setBoundingBox (const RelativeParallelogram &newBounds, UndoManager *undoManager)
RelativeCoordinate getFontHeight () const
void setFontHeight (const RelativeCoordinate &newHeight, UndoManager *undoManager)
RelativeCoordinate getFontHorizontalScale () const
void setFontHorizontalScale (const RelativeCoordinate &newScale, UndoManager *undoManager)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Drawable::ValueTreeWrapperBase
 ValueTreeWrapperBase (const ValueTree &state)
ValueTreegetState () noexcept
String getID () const
void setID (const String &newID)

Static Public Attributes

static const Identifier text
static const Identifier colour
static const Identifier font
static const Identifier justification
static const Identifier topLeft
static const Identifier topRight
static const Identifier bottomLeft
static const Identifier fontHeight
static const Identifier fontHScale

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Drawable::ValueTreeWrapperBase
ValueTree state

Detailed Description

Internally-used class for wrapping a DrawableText's state into a ValueTree.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ValueTreeWrapper()

DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::ValueTreeWrapper ( const ValueTree state)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getText()

String DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getText ( ) const

◆ setText()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setText ( const String newText,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getTextValue()

Value DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getTextValue ( UndoManager undoManager)

◆ getColour()

Colour DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getColour ( ) const

◆ setColour()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setColour ( Colour  newColour,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getJustification()

Justification DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getJustification ( ) const

◆ setJustification()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setJustification ( Justification  newJustification,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getFont()

Font DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getFont ( ) const

◆ setFont()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setFont ( const Font newFont,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getFontValue()

Value DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getFontValue ( UndoManager undoManager)

◆ getBoundingBox()

RelativeParallelogram DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getBoundingBox ( ) const

◆ setBoundingBox()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setBoundingBox ( const RelativeParallelogram newBounds,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getFontHeight()

RelativeCoordinate DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getFontHeight ( ) const

◆ setFontHeight()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setFontHeight ( const RelativeCoordinate newHeight,
UndoManager undoManager 

◆ getFontHorizontalScale()

RelativeCoordinate DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::getFontHorizontalScale ( ) const

◆ setFontHorizontalScale()

void DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::setFontHorizontalScale ( const RelativeCoordinate newScale,
UndoManager undoManager 

Member Data Documentation

◆ text

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::text

◆ colour

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::colour

◆ font

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::font

◆ justification

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::justification

◆ topLeft

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::topLeft

◆ topRight

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::topRight

◆ bottomLeft

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::bottomLeft

◆ fontHeight

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::fontHeight

◆ fontHScale

const Identifier DrawableText::ValueTreeWrapper::fontHScale

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