AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent Struct Reference

Contains information about an event to be logged. More...

Public Attributes

String name
 The name of the event. More...
uint32 timestamp
 The timestamp of the event. More...
StringPairArray parameters
 The parameters of the event. More...
String userID
 The user ID associated with the event. More...
StringPairArray userProperties
 Properties associated with the user. More...

Detailed Description

Contains information about an event to be logged.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

String AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent::name

The name of the event.

◆ timestamp

uint32 AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent::timestamp

The timestamp of the event.

Timestamps are automatically applied by an Analytics object and are derived from Time::getMillisecondCounter(). As such these timestamps do not represent absolute times, but relative timings of events for each user in each session will be accurate.

◆ parameters

StringPairArray AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent::parameters

The parameters of the event.

◆ userID

String AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent::userID

The user ID associated with the event.

◆ userProperties

StringPairArray AnalyticsDestination::AnalyticsEvent::userProperties

Properties associated with the user.

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