struct  ConfigDescription

Public Types

enum  ConfigType {
  integer, floating, boolean, colour,

Public Member Functions

void setDeviceIndex (TopologyIndex newDeviceIndex)
void setDeviceComms (PhysicalTopologySource::DeviceConnection *newConn)
int32 getItemValue (ConfigItemId item)
void setItemValue (ConfigItemId item, int32 value)
int32 getItemMin (ConfigItemId item)
void setItemMin (ConfigItemId item, int32 min)
int32 getItemMax (ConfigItemId item)
void setItemMax (ConfigItemId item, int32 max)
bool getItemActive (ConfigItemId item)
void setItemActive (ConfigItemId item, bool isActive)
juce::String getOptionName (ConfigItemId item, uint8 optionIndex)
Block::ConfigMetaData getMetaData (ConfigItemId item)
void resetConfigListActiveStatus ()
void setBlockConfig (ConfigItemId item, int32 value)
void requestBlockConfig (ConfigItemId item)
void requestFactoryConfigSync ()
void requestUserConfigSync ()
void handleConfigUpdateMessage (int32 item, int32 value, int32 min, int32 max)
void handleConfigSetMessage (int32 item, int32 value)

Public Attributes

ConfigDescription configList [numConfigItems]

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint32 numConfigItems = 61

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ConfigType


Member Function Documentation

◆ setDeviceIndex()

void BlockConfigManager::setDeviceIndex ( TopologyIndex  newDeviceIndex)

◆ setDeviceComms()

void BlockConfigManager::setDeviceComms ( PhysicalTopologySource::DeviceConnection newConn)

◆ getItemValue()

int32 BlockConfigManager::getItemValue ( ConfigItemId  item)

◆ setItemValue()

void BlockConfigManager::setItemValue ( ConfigItemId  item,
int32  value 

◆ getItemMin()

int32 BlockConfigManager::getItemMin ( ConfigItemId  item)

◆ setItemMin()

void BlockConfigManager::setItemMin ( ConfigItemId  item,
int32  min 

◆ getItemMax()

int32 BlockConfigManager::getItemMax ( ConfigItemId  item)

◆ setItemMax()

void BlockConfigManager::setItemMax ( ConfigItemId  item,
int32  max 

◆ getItemActive()

bool BlockConfigManager::getItemActive ( ConfigItemId  item)

◆ setItemActive()

void BlockConfigManager::setItemActive ( ConfigItemId  item,
bool  isActive 

◆ getOptionName()

juce::String BlockConfigManager::getOptionName ( ConfigItemId  item,
uint8  optionIndex 

◆ getMetaData()

◆ resetConfigListActiveStatus()

void BlockConfigManager::resetConfigListActiveStatus ( )

◆ setBlockConfig()

◆ requestBlockConfig()

◆ requestFactoryConfigSync()

◆ requestUserConfigSync()

◆ handleConfigUpdateMessage()

◆ handleConfigSetMessage()

void BlockConfigManager::handleConfigSetMessage ( int32  item,
int32  value 

Member Data Documentation

◆ numConfigItems

constexpr uint32 BlockConfigManager::numConfigItems = 61

◆ configList

ConfigDescription BlockConfigManager::configList[numConfigItems]

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