BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

Block::ConfigMetaData toConfigMetaData () const

Public Attributes

ConfigItemId item
int32 value
int32 min
int32 max
bool isActive
const char * name
ConfigType type
const char * optionNames [configMaxOptions]
const char * group

Member Function Documentation

◆ toConfigMetaData()

Block::ConfigMetaData BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::toConfigMetaData ( ) const

References min().

Referenced by BlockConfigManager::getMetaData().

Member Data Documentation

◆ item

ConfigItemId BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::item

◆ value

◆ min

◆ max

◆ isActive

bool BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::isActive

◆ name

const char* BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::name

◆ type

ConfigType BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::type

◆ optionNames

const char* BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::optionNames[configMaxOptions]

◆ group

const char* BlockConfigManager::ConfigDescription::group

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