Deliver music applications on all main platforms, with high performances and professional tools

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Leader for multiplatform audio applications

  • JUCE for Desktop

    With support for PC, Mac and Linux, JUCE is the perfect tool for building powerful and complex applications. JUCE also supports the development of plug-ins: VST, AU and AAX.

  • JUCE for Mobile

    Run your desktop applications on mobile!

    One-click deployment to Android and iOS (requires Android Studio and XCode)

    Adjust the user interface of your application with the Projucer live coding engine

    Use the best audio performance available on iOS and Android. See what's new for mobile in JUCE 5.1

  • User Interface & Graphics

    JUCE makes it easy to build a versatile UI that can run on any platform and integrate OpenGL. JUCE handles 2D rendering engines, image format handling and font functionality.

    With a variety of Look and Feel to choose from, you can create great looking applications that will scale to all screen size and work on mobile too.

  • The Projucer

    The Projucer is JUCE's project management tool, featuring the Instant Compilation Environment engine (the ICE engine), allowing to visualise instantly changes in the code. More about the Projucer.

  • Audio & plug-ins

    Popular audio workstations like Logic, Live, Pro Tools or Cubase are hosts to hundreds of plug-ins, many of them are built with JUCE. Build VST, VST3, AU, RTAS and AAX format plugins with ease, and host VST and AU plugins inside your own applications. JUCE provides classes to manage audio I/O, audio processing, and media reading and writing. Get started with the plug-in tutorial


    Build applications that connect with other applications or hardware using MIDI, MPE and OSC. JUCE provides full MIDI support, including MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), and Open Sound Control (OSC). Browse the examples to get started.

Complete API documentation and coding standards

Browse the API to discover more features covering XML & JSON, application utilities, networking, cryptography, and more.

We also have recommended coding standards which the whole library follows. Our standard prioritise readability and re-usability, and has a set of recommendations for object lifetime, types, class, and the use of spaces instead of tabs! Read more about the coding standards here.


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