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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I keep my current subscription?

    Yes. If you are a JUCE 4 Pro or Indie customer, you will stay automatically be upgraded to JUCE 5 and will have to choose between the Indie license and the Pro license.

  • I registered a perpetual license of JUCE 4, can I upgrade to JUCE 5?

    Yes, the upgrade to JUCE 5 for owners of a perpetual JUCE 4 license is discounted by 30%. For JUCE 4 users upgrading to JUCE 5 Indie costs $490, and upgrading to JUCE 5 Pro costs $910. Contact the sales team to upgrade (

  • Can I upgrade from a perpetual license to monthly or vice-versa?

    We don't offer the option to upgrade from perpetual to monthly or from monthly to perpetual.

  • What is the revenue limit for JUCE Personal and JUCE Indie?

    The revenue limit is the maximum amount of yearly revenue that you or your company can generate before you need to upgrade to another license tier. For a JUCE Personal license, the revenue limit is $50k, and for an Indie license, the limit is $200k. This limit is not restricted to the income generated by JUCE-based products, but applies to the whole revenue income or funding.

  • Can a JUCE Indie or Pro license be used by several developers?

    A single JUCE Indie or Pro license can not be used by several developers, each developer within who works or maintain JUCE-based applications must have a valid license.

  • What is the Premium Support?

    Premium Support is a paid service available to Pro users, to help them go to market faster or with any development support they need. To learn more visit:

    Premium Support Plan