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The JUCE 7 EULA is the contract you enter into when using the JUCE framework. This set of questions and answers provides only a high level summary of parts of the EULA and does not replace or supersede any of the information in it.


The JUCE 7 Licensing FAQ

I purchased an older version of JUCE. Can I upgrade to JUCE 7?

Yes. Previous JUCE 4, JUCE 5 or JUCE 6 licence holders receive a 30% discount on JUCE 7 perpetual licences. If you are logged in to your account on and your email address is listed as an "Owner" of a JUCE 4, 5 or 6 licence in your account dashboard then you are eligible. The discount will appear during the checkout when you purchase a new JUCE 7 perpetual licence. If you do not see a 30% discount please contact before making a purchase.

Upgrade discounts are not available for subscription licences.

Is the total annual revenue or funding limit determined solely by sales of software containing JUCE?

No. The total annual revenue or funding limit is that of the whole organisation or individual that owns the JUCE licence. If your team or project is a small part of a large organisation then you will likely require a Pro licence. The revenue or funding limit is not based upon revenue generated by software containing JUCE nor the budget of a particular team or individual within an organisation.

Can a JUCE Educational licence be used by students?

No. JUCE Educational licences are offered to bona fide educational institutions and come with the number of seats requested by the educational institution.  Institutions requesting Educational licences must agree to submit any requested documentation to show proof of a bona fide educational institute.

Do I need a JUCE licence if I am not releasing products containing JUCE?

JUCE is dual licensed under both the JUCE licence and the GPLv3.

This means that you can choose to use JUCE under the terms of the GPLv3 licence. If you are not "propagating" or "conveying" closed-source software containing JUCE outside of your organisation then you may not be violating the terms of the GPLv3. The creation and use of "in-house" tools and the internal development of "pre-release" software (before it goes out to external testers) is usually permitted under the GPLv3. Please refer to the GPLv3 terms for the full details.

If you are not using JUCE under the GPLv3 then you will require a JUCE licence. You will need to maintain a licence for at least the duration over which you are distributing closed-source binaries containing JUCE.

Can a JUCE licence be shared by multiple developers?

No. Each developer requires an exclusive licence.

It is possible to reassign licences amongst members of an organisation. If an organisation has purchased a set of licences for their software development team, then when a team member leaves the team their licence seat can be reassigned to a new team member. Reassigning licences can be done using the account dashboard of the licence purchaser.

Reassigning licences should not be done very frequently. This is not a mechanism designed to optimise the minimum number of licences required. If you have multiple developers regularly, but non-concurrently, contributing code to software containing JUCE then you will require multiple licences.

How many JUCE licences do I need?

By default all developers contributing any source code to software containing JUCE will require a JUCE licence.

However, there are certain situations where this doesn't make much sense. If the software development team using JUCE is a small fraction of the overall software development team, and the use of JUCE is not central to the overall product, then it is more appropriate that only the developers in the team using JUCE will require JUCE licences. If your use of JUCE meets these conditions please contact and we can work out a fair licensing compromise.

While JUCE licences can be infrequently reassigned between developers, our licensing is not designed to be flexible with regards to team size. If a product containing JUCE ever had a large development team then it is the maximum concurrent size of the development team that fixes the number of licence seats required. If the team size is subsequently reduced to just a few people providing product maintenance post-release the product still requires the larger number of licence seats for the entire duration over which the product is distributed.

Do I need a JUCE licence to sell JUCE-based software created by another entity?

No. The software needs to be licensed by all the contributors to the source code. If you have not contributed to any of the source code then you do not require a licence.

However, you must ensure that the software is appropriately licensed for the whole duration over which you are distributing it. If any of the contributors are third parties then the distributor/seller is legally obliged to ensure that the corresponding licences are perpetal, rather than subscription, JUCE licences.

I want to hire a contractor to contribute to software containing JUCE. Do I need a licence or does the contractor need a licence?

You can use either option.

If the hiring organisation purchases a licence then that licence can be used by the contractor for the duration of their work. When the contractor has finished the work the licence can then be re-assigned to a different contractor. If the hiring organisation will have a fixed maximum number of contractors working simultaneously then this licensing model may be the most appropriate.

It is also possible for contractors to have their own individual JUCE licences. In this situation the relevant revenue or funding limit will be that of the contractor, so it may be possible for contractors to use Indie licences where the revenue of the hiring organisation would exceed the Indie funding or revenue limit. However, the hiring organisation is responsible for ensuring that the software is appropriately licensed for the whole duration over which it is distributed, including that contractors have perpetual licences (see the answer to the previous question above). You must ensure that the software is appropriately licensed for the whole duration over which you are distributing it

Can I switch between a Perpetual licence and monthly licence?

We don't offer the option to switch between Perpetual and monthly licences.

Do you offer an annual subscription?

No. We only offer monthly subscriptions.

Can I pay via a bank transfer?

If you are purchasing perpetual licences then we can issue you an invoice to be paid via bank transfer. Bank transfers must be in USD to our bank account in the US. We can accept bank transfers from:

Americas: United States, Canada.

Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates.

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Please create an account and contact letting us know your order details and your full billing address.

It is not possible to pay for a subscription licence using a bank transfer.

Can I pay via a purchase order?

Yes, if you can pay via bank transfer (see above).

Do you work with resellers?

Yes, but it is only possible to purchase perpetual licences and we will need to issue the reseller an invoice before payment. Please do not use our online shop. The invoice can be paid using a bank transfer (see above) or a credit card.

If the reseller's client does not already have an account on the client will need to create one.

Please contact letting us know the email address your client's account on, the order details and your full billing address.

We don't offer a reseller discount, but the reseller's clients may still be eligible for upgrade discounts.

Can you provide a sales quote?

Yes. Please contact letting us know your order details and your full billing address.

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