Premium Support Plan

Premium support available when you need it most.

With a JUCE Premium Support Plan (PSP), our experienced support engineers are on-hand to provide dedicated assistance and resolution for time-sensitive and technically challenging issues. A PSP plan is an excellent way to keep your project operating efficiently, within budget, and on schedule. JUCE PSP provides access to services, including: technical support, coding/guidance, consultation, and code migration. It is not intended to support bug submittals. It can, however, help you work around bugs or identify that a bug exists.

Whether that one sequence of code is creating problems, or you just hired a new employee that could benefit from some direction, JUCE PSP is the ideal plan that provides results.

How does it work?

JUCE Premium Support Plans are purchased as 'units'. Once a PSP plan is obtained, you will be assigned a support engineer to manage your account. An introductory email will be sent to learn more about you, your company, contact information, etc. This will allow you and our support engineers to start quickly upon scheduling your PSP meeting.


  • 1 unit - $250
  • 10 units - $1,800
  • 50 units - $8,000
  • 100 units - $15,000
  • Daily charge available upon request, based on scope of project.

How are PSP units charged?

  • Base charge of one (1) units per request regardless.
  • Additional time billed at one (1) unit per hour in 1/2 unit increments.


  • Available during JUCE business hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM UK.
  • Submit request(s) to
  • Submittals made outside of these hours will be attended to the following business day.
  • Support conducted via Skype or Google Hangout only.
  • Support English language only (at this time).
  • Only account owners can submit PSP requests.
  • Team members must be added by account owners via official email to JUCE Support.

More information

To learn more about or purchase a Premium Support Plan, please contact the JUCE Sales Team.

Terms and conditions

For terms and conditions please see:

Premium Support Plan Terms