What's New

in JUCE 8

JUCE 8 proudly doubles down on cross-platform C++ UI, bringing serious low-level enhancements to text rendering, a blazing fast Direct2D renderer on Windows and a brand new animation framework. On top of investing deeply into traditional UI, the JUCE team has unlocked and provided a foundation for an exciting new paradigm in audio software interfaces: WebViews.

WebView UI

JUCE 8 comes stocked with all the cross-platform glue code and tooling you need to build UIs with your favorite web framework. Iterate plugin UIs faster than you thought possible, with web tooling you already know and love. Onboard frontend web devs to your C++ audio products. Gain instant access to cross-platform hardware accelerated graphics via WebGL. The World Wide Web is your oyster, just BYOW (Bring Your Own Widgets).

Improved Unicode Support

What do we want? Consistent text rendering across platforms! When do we want it? Emoji!

Months of research. Alignment with current industry best practices. A new custom renderer. Cross-platform tests. Painstaking attention to backwards compatibility. More than 2-person years of time were invested into re-plumbing the depths of low-level text rendering. We could go on, or leave it at 🥳🎉

New Animation Module

JUCE 8 sports a brand new, fully-featured animation module. Whether you want to add sprinkles of delight to your UIs or build complex graphs of instersection animations, an expressive API makes it easy to get started. Sync to hardware refresh rates and pick from a familiar set of standard easings. You'll be cooking up buttery smooth animations in no time.


Windows gets a major upgrade. The Direct2D renderer was nursed back to life by a dedicated JUCE community member and brought over the finish line with help from the JUCE team. Built on modern native platform APIs and taking advantage of hardware acceleration and GPU-backed images, it brings significant rendering and performance improvements. Expect all the basics such font rendering to be better AND faster.

Minimum Requirements

For Developers (Compiling)
C++ Standard: 17
MacOS/iOS: Xcode 12.4 (Intel macOS 10.15.4, Apple Silicon macOS 11.0)
Windows: Visual Studio 2019 (Windows 10)
Linux: g++ 7.0 or Clang 6.0 (for a full list of dependencies, see here).
Android: Android Studio (NDK 26) on Windows, macOS or Linux
For End Users (Deployment Targets)
macOS: macOS 10.11
Windows: Windows 10
Linux: Mainstream Linux distributions
iOS: iOS 12
Android: Android 5 - Lollipop (API Level 21)

You can discover the features introduced with JUCE 7 here.

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